Case Study: One of the Nation's Largest Sugar Producers

One of the nation’s largest sugar producers was looking for a solution to drive high quality sign-ups and grow its email subscriber base in a relatively short time frame.



In need of an update to an aging marketing strategy, but unsure of where to begin—this Sugar manufacturer recognized that the ideal solution would need to accommodate the following needs: 

  • Work for multiple products and brands.
  • Have geo-targeting capabilities across multiple regions.
  • Serve consumers different campaigns based on zip code.
The challenge: Find a single platform or solution capable of addressing these needs and providing the Manufacturer's team support as they learned and implemented this new marketing channel.

The Solution

After learning of the Sugar Producer's needs, the AdQuire team began the process of crafting a series of custom campaigns that:

  • Utilized Consumer-Specific Geo-Targeting (IP Geo-Lookup)
  • Delivered Brand-Specific "Welcome" Emails to All Opt-Ins
  • Leveraged Self-Reporting PII Data

These tactics were implemented across brands with consumers in two key geographic regions in mind.

AdQuire Media makes it easy to acquire leads cost-effectively. The AdQuire Media platform delivers as promised, and the leads that we generate show strong open rates. We would definitely recommend their platform.
Social & Digital Media Specialist

National Sugar Producer


By the conclusion of the campaign, the AdQuire Media platform and team were able to deliver high quality opt-ins (over two campaigns) while keeping open-rates and engagement high.