Case Study: National Auto Manufacturer

One of the nation's leading car makers and auto manufacturers was looking for a way to gain market share, enhance the customer experience, and boost customer loyalty.



This leading auto manufacturer came to the realization that if they wanted to deliver an experience that was superior to that of their competitors, they needed to take their user engagement and database reach to the next level.

  • To successfully develop a virtual "one-on-one" relationship with their customers, they would need to develop an entirely new digital channel.

This new communication channel would need to allow for the ability to educate consumers on the benefits of their vehicles in a way that increased overall number of website visits, dealership visits, test drives, and new car sales.

The Solution

After deciding on the AdQuire Media platform, the auto manufacturer began the process of collaborating with the AdQuire Media team to determine the specific goals. From there, a scalable, measurable and cost effective lead generation program was tailored to meet the auto manufacturers needs and goals.

The end result was:

  • A plan and program built around AdQuire Media’s extensive experience delivering successful acquisition marketing campaigns with the help of their proprietary data validation solution, TruFilter.™

TruFilter™ ensured that all consumer opt-in data was verified, and any duplicate records were caught and removed prior to delivering to the client’s database.

The program enabled the manufacturer to...

  • Market their line of cars to a vast online audience
  • From that broad audience, AdQuire Media only would only add “hand-raising” consumers to the client’s database
  • Deploy marketing and product information email messages
  • Engage interested consumers with steady cadence of informative content

Before delivery, all leads were run through TruFilter™ so not only were the leads 100% opted-in, but they were also fully validated, ready for contact, and highly engaged.

As a result of this marketing strategy, we noticed measurable results with each email drop and as a direct result increased traffic into local dealerships for test drives that resulted in new car sales. The initial test pilot we saw a profitability lift of 400% from our existing marketing programs.
Media Supervisor

Leading National Auto Manufacturer


AdQuire Media’ program successfully provided large quantities of highly engaged consumer leads to the national auto manufacturer without duplicating the lists that the manufacturer had developed via their organic efforts. Relying on the AdQuire Media platform, the auto retailer recorded significant and measurable results following each email send including: increased traffic into local dealerships, requests for test drives, and overall new car sales.

From the test pilot the client saw an effective cost-per-sale, on new car sales, that was 28% better than their target CPS. Due to the success of the test, Permission Data has been selected to continue to run programs with the client.