Case Study: Ignite Media Solutions

As a leading provider of pay-per-performance solutions, Ignite Media Solutions (Ignite TEK) had a client looking for the best method for acquiring qualified email leads for their QSRs (Quick Service Restaurants).

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Ignite TEK, formerly Ignite Media Solutions, offers pay-per-performance solutions as a marketing and consumer experience company. One of their clients engaged Ignite to acquire qualified e-mail leads for quick serve restaurants (QSRs). The primary objective of the campaign:

  • Collect qualified email leads for specific restaurants within a 15 mile radius of each restaurant location.
  • Demonstrate success through open rates of follow-up emails and the redemption of restaurant offers presented in those emails.
Like other client projects, the QSR campaign would need to generate both leads and sales. 

The Solution

Ignite Media trusted the AdQuire Media team to onboard their QSR client and develop the geo-centric lead targeting campaign for each campaign (all while delivering excellent customer service).

Quick and efficient, the campaign was up and running in little time. Ignite worked with AdQuire Media to:

  • Check the quality of leads and open rates.
  • Gather data across all of the campaign channels.
  • Determine the best channels for each partner based on quality and volume requirements.

AdQuire Media succeeded by not only hitting the lead volume targets, but by being one of the higher performing vendors in lead quality measurement. 

We will continue to work with AdQuire Media in our lead generation programs. They are responsive, operationally sound, strategic, and meet our metrics on virtually every campaign we give them.
Kyle Maddock

Sales, Marketing & Biz Dev
Ignite Media Solutions


AdQuire Media was able to deliver over 62,000 high quality opt-ins high quality opt-ins within tight geographic footprints, while maintaining very high open-rates and engagement.


High Quality, Locally Targeted Opt-Ins