AdQuire for Brands

The massively scalable customer acquisition and lead generation solution built around buyer behavior, combining industry leading experience, technology and sign-up ad best practices.


The Average Number Of Ads Americans See In A Day

Are your ads cutting through the noise?

Brands find success by delivering opt-in ads to users who are already paying attention. In today’s world, having a relevant ad or offer isn’t always enough. In order to boost engagement and connect with customers, your ad has to be seen.

AdQuire Media ensures that your message reaches the audience that it was intended for by delivering your opt-in ads in the moments when buyers are already engaged and in an interactive mindset.

How It Works



Understand Audience


Pinpoint your target market and craft messaging that will resonate.

Identify Prospects


Show your ads to only the most relevant consumers.

Acquire Customers


Satisfied users become active contacts after sign-up or opt-in.

Verify & Deliver


Consumer data is instantly verified using TruFilter.™

Platform Capabilities

Going beyond basic demographics and simple forms.

  • Curated Publisher Network

  • Extensive User Reach

  • MultiVariate Targeting

  • Custom Data Fields

  • TruFilter™ Data Validation

  • Campaign Monitoring & Optimization

  • Dedicated Customer Service

  • Integrate Seamlessly

Curated Publisher Network

Curated Publisher Network

Every AdQuire network partner is hand-curated and vetted using our five step process—ensuring that your Lead Ads reach ideal audiences from the best traffic sources.

Extensive User Reach

Extensive User Reach

Via our growing publisher network, our AdQuire Lead Ads engage more than 86 million US-based consumers a month.

MultiVariate Targeting

MultiVariate Targeting

We go beyond the normal age, gender, and geography selects—allowing you to craft highly targeted audience definition profiles based on any criteria.

Custom Data Fields

Custom Data Fields

Extremely flexible lead form field options that provide your audience with the greatest value while capturing the data that’s most relevant to your business’s needs.

TruFilter™ Data Validation

TruFilter™ Data Validation

Processed, verified, and delivered in real time, TruFilter™ from AdQuire ensures that your team starts with the cleanest data possible.

Campaign Monitoring & Optimization

Campaign Monitoring & Optimization

We continuously monitor the performance of every campaign to help you make strategic improvements and drive the best results possible.

Dedicated Customer Service

Dedicated Customer Service

We’ve built some of the longest lasting relationships in the industry by giving each of our clients the individualized attention and customer service they deserve.

Integrate Seamlessly

Integrate Seamlessly

Along with integrating with all major ESPs and CRM systems, we have the ability to custom engineer data feeds that flow into whatever information systems you have in place.

Accurate Data.

Minimal Effort.

Real Results.

Reach your business goals by generating sign-ups and driving user engagement with strategically placed AdQuire Lead Ads with the help of one of the industry’s largest, most powerful, and diverse publisher distribution channels.


Email Integrations

From Bronto to MailChimp—and everything in between. Ready to integrate with any solution in your technology stack.

Technology Partners

We partner with industry leading 3rd party technologies to support our mission to deliver best in breed quality, scale, and customer service.

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