Case Study: Step2

Step2, one of nation's largest manufacturers of preschool and toddler toys, wanted to grow their in-house marketing and communications mailing list with parents of infants and toddlers.



As the largest American manufacturer of preschool and toddler toys, Step2 was looking for ways to grow their digital footprint while enhancing the online experience for existing customers and new potential customers.

To achieve those goals, the Step2 team identified their need for a solution capable of improving email open, click-thru, and conversion rates while growing their existing in-house marketing & subscriber lists.

Despite initial concerns about working with a third-party partner and solution, Step2 recognized the value that the AdQuire Media platform had to offer.

The Solution

Once on the AdQuire Media platform, Step2 was able to implement multiple campaigns designed to reach and engage their target markets. Included among those campaigns were efforts designed to:

  • Increase enrollment rates for Step2's "Birthday Club"
  • Reach both "Black Friday" & "Cyber Monday" customers

Following user sign-up across all of their subscriber opt-in campaigns, the AdQuire Media platform delivered customized, real-time welcome emails.

AdQuire Media helps us generate significant volumes of opt-in email addresses very quickly—we tell them our volume goals/needs and they are able to exceed every requirement we have given them. They hold themselves accountable and allow us to dedupe against our existing house list—returning back those that already exist. Through our campaigns with Permission Data, we have seen high quality email addresses. A very high percentage of the users from Permission Data open our emails and engage with the emails on a frequent basis. Better yet—the quality of our existing list has never been compromised. We see a very low opt-out or unsubscribe rates from the leads generated by Permission Data—much lower than any other service we have worked with
Tena Crock

VP of eCommerce & Digital Marketing
Step 2


Upon completing Step2's campaigns, it became clear that all benchmark goals had been reached. Collectively, the efforts generated more than 20,000 highly targeted and qualified leads per campaign during a 30-day period. The campaigns exceeded benchmark goals of 20% open rates and 10% click-thru rates. Though undisclosed, the lead-to-sale conversion rates exceeded benchmark goals, ultimately allowing for future campaigns.