AdQuire Pricing

What can AdQuire's Lead-In Ads do for your business? Simple and straight forward, let's take a closer look at the benefits and capabilities AdQuire Media can provide Advertisers and Publishers looking to grow.


Perfect for Brands & Publishers 

AdQuire is the one-stop solution for businesses and marketers looking to reach new audiences, interact with web visitors, and engage with existing customers through a trusted network of third party publishers and co-registration sign-ups ads.

Ideal for consumer facing brands and companies looking to grow their opt-in email subscriber list or mobile messaging opt-in database, drive App Installs, or generate direct marketing leads.

All pricing on a Performance Basis.

Pricing depends on many variables including seasonal demand. National campaigns typically range from $.30 - $.60 Cost-per-Lead for a Single Opt-In Lead with Basic Registration DataContact Us for a Custom Quote

Pricing Variables & Models

Prices can vary based on campaign parameters including:

  • Data Fields
  • Targeting
  • Custom Questions
  • Custom Disqualification Rules
  • Existing Database Size
  • Advertiser Category

Additional Pricing Models Include:

  • Cost per Opt-In
  • Cost per Open
  • Cost per Double Opt-In
  • Cost per Registration
  • Cost per App Install
Additional Notes

We can custom tailor a program that fits your needs. Your success is our priority!
Please contact us to get a custom quote.

Ideal for websites looking for new revenue streams while providing their users with additional value.
Typical AdQuire Lead Ad placements deliver $50 - $180 eCPM’s. Partner eCPMs are highly determined by a number of variables including: placement, data fields being passed, AdQuire Lead Ad format, site audience, any advertising campaign restrictions, number of campaigns shown, user experience/journey, and other key factors. Contact Us for a Custom Quote
Additional Notes
The AdQuire Team will work with you to find the most valuable placements and formats for your traffic to maximize yield for your business!
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