AdQuire Media Welcomes Chris Ambrosio as Chief Revenue Officer

July 19, 2019 1 min read

New York City-based customer acquisition marketing agency AdQuire Media proudly announces the addition of Chris Ambrosio as Chief Revenue Officer. 

Chris Ambrosio

A longtime veteran of the digital marketing space, Ambrosio brings 20 years of experience serving both in-house and agency teams, most recently at programmatic ad agency Cadreon, where he worked extensively with Fortune 500 brands as Vice President of Programmatic Strategy. 

In his new position at AdQuire, Ambrosio will oversee all revenue-generating divisions, including sales, marketing and customer success. He will strive to further solidify AdQuire’s status as a leader within the customer acquisition industry through increased revenue growth and customer success management.

“Chris has a proven track record of success in our industry, forged from his wealth of knowledge and decades of experience,” says Eric O’Neill, AdQuire’s CEO and cofounder. “He brings exceptional leadership skills and business acumen that will push AdQuire further into the leadership position when comparing us to our peers in the space.”

AdQuire’s growth depends upon the success of their clients, and Ambrosio’s inherent skill set is specialized in devising solutions to help companies achieve results. With all of his experience and expertise, Ambrosio is positioned to make an immediate impact, and the AdQuire team is excited to have him on board. 

“Chris is smart, funny, creative, and constantly challenging himself to be better,” continues O’Neill. “He’s a role model for all our employees, and myself as well.” 

“Chris has a proven track record of success in our industry, forged from his wealth of knowledge and decades of experience,”

“One of the biggest challenges marketers face today is figuring out how to ‘close the loop’ and measure marketing impact both online and offline,” explains Ambrosio. “AdQuire helps build datasets to resolve consumer identity and allow for this complex measurement.”

“I'm excited to work with AdQuire because they hold the key to solving marketers' complex problems,” says Ambrosio. “It’s all about driving efficient customer acquisition.”



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